How to Use Jig Machine to Separate Gold Ore

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Jig machine is a kind of equipment which uses the pulsating vertical water flow to loosen the material and separate them according to different densities. Jig machine stroke and tines of stroke can be flexibly adjusted according to the specific gravity of separated minerals, which can be used to separate tungsten, tin, placer gold, hematite, brown iron, manganese, titanium, antimony, lead, tantalum, niobium and other metal minerals.

Gold ore can be divided into placer gold ore and rock gold ore. The placer gold processing is very simple, generally using the screening, gravity separation for roughing, manual washing or mixing of mercury can get good separation indexes. However, the rock gold ore processing is relatively complex. The rock gold ore processing includes: (1) gravity separation process; (2) flotation process; (3) gravity separation flotation process; (4) mercury mixing flotation process; (5) cyanide leaching process. In general, flotation and cyanidation are used, but there are also special cases of gold ore rocks have to use gravity separation and mercury mixing method.

For placer gold ore separation
The placer gold ore processing may use down moving jig machine, trapezoid jig machine and sawtooth jig machine. Down moving jig machine and trapezoid jig machine are mostly used for the separation of granular gold. Sawtooth jig machine is used for the recovery of flake gold and fine gold.
In the field of placer gold processing, jig machine is very important. Although sluice has low cost and large processing capacity, its recovery rate is relatively low. Sluice can mainly grasp coarse gold particles, but fine-grained gold is basically lost. The processing capacity of the jig machine is less than the sluice, but its recovery rate is much higher than that of the sluice. According to relevant data, the recovery rate of the jig machine for granular gold is higher than 90%, and the recovery rate for flake gold and irregular gold is up to more than 80%, which is one of the ideal equipment for gold separation.

For rock gold ore separation
The sawtooth wave jig machine is usually used in rock gold ore processing. The particles of most rock gold ores are fine and need to be extracted by flotation. However, for quartz vein monomer gold ores, the coarse-grained gold cannot be flotation and the cyanidation time is long. So, the gold can only be enriched by gravity separation, and then it is purified by mercury mixing machine to obtain the final coarse gold. Most of the gold in the rock gold ore is fine-grained gold, even the coarse gold mentioned above is relatively speaking, mostly fine-grained, so the sawtooth wave jig machine is usually used in the rock gold mineral processing.
Sawtooth wave jig machine is a new type of jig machine improved on the basis of traditional jig machine, which can be used to recover coarse gold in grinding and classifying circuit. When the proportion of coarse gold in gold ore is large, the sawtooth wave jig machine is used to recover gold in the grinding and classifying circuit, which greatly improves the gold recovery rate and makes the gold recovery rate reach more than 80%.

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