Placer Gold Ore Trommel Screen Process Plant in Ghana Africa

Video of 100tph placer gold ore trommel screen process plant

Case Details

100tph placer gold ore trommel screen and sluice box process plant in Ghana Africa. This is the most common placer gold process method in Ghana. The placer gold ore contains much clay but not very sticky, the gold is mainly granular or flaky. Because of the large processing capacity, a separate hopper was used to ensure the stability of the feed, two high-pressure water cannons to help the raw ore into the trommel screen, the trommel screen screened out all gravels, pebbles and other large stones, meanwhile, washed and disparesed the clay, let the clay became complete loose, it flowed into the sluice box, all gold nuggets and particles settled in the carpet of the sluice box. after a few hours, the workers washed the carpet to get heavy sand, then manual washed it by the panning pan, finally the gold came out. This placer gold process method is simple, easy to operate and can quickly recover gold, so it is very popular among the placer gold mine owners.

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