Gold Mining Trommel Screen

Trommel screen is a washing and screening equipment. It is widely used in mines, gold mining plant, beach placer, sand washing plant, slag metal recovery and so on.


Product introduction
Trommel screen is also known as drum screen, gold mining trommel or trommel gold washing plant, it is a washing and screening equipment for classification according to the particle size of materials, can be used for dry screening and wet screening. Compared to the circular vibrating screen, the advantages of trommel screen are: in the same volume, the cylinder area is larger than the vibrating screen flat area, so the effective screening area of the cylinder is larger, so that the material can fully touch the screen, therefore, the unit time of the screening capacity is larger. And because of its compact structure, easy installation, easy layout and convenient discharge collection. It is widely used in mines, gold mining plant, beach placer, sand washing plant, slag metal recovery and so on.

The gold mining trommel screen provides a simple, efficient and economical screening solution for all kinds of materials, it also provides optimization treatment for the subsequent processing. This solution helps reduce operational processes and reduces investment costs and improves product quality, while allowing rapid and large volume processing. After screening, the material can be directly fed into a variety of separation equipment, such as gold centrifugal concentrator, spiral concentrator, jig machine and shaker table etc.

Trommel screen working principle
The trommel screen is mainly composed of motor, reducer, cylinder, gear, roller, discharge trough, spray pipe, sealing cover (when dust prevention is needed), frame and other parts. The cylinder is aslope mounted on the supporting roller of the frame. The cylinder is equipped with high manganese steel woven screen or high manganese steel punched screen. The motor drives the gear to rotate through the reducer, thus driving the cylinder to rotate together. When the material enters the cylinder, the material moves along the direction of rotation of the cylinder. Fine particles go through the sieve hole and discharged from the discharge trough, while coarse particles move forward until discharged from the tail of the cylinder. In the operation with water, the water spray pipe located in the center of the cylinder is used to flush the materials to prevent blockage and clean the materials. Materials of different particle sizes are gradually screened and separated along with the rotating cylinder, so as to complete the screening work.

Trommel screen diagram
Trommel screen diagram

Advantages and features
1. Small floor area, low investment cost;
2. Stable and reliable operation, high screening efficiency and large capacity;
3. Roller support, allowing heavy load operation, the reinforced cylinder is firm and no deformation;
4. Gear drive, stable running;
5. Multi-layer screen, the inner layer is steel rod grizzly to effectively protect the outer layer of the screen
6. It can be equipped with a heavy feeding bin, which can be fed directly by the excavator
7. Reasonable structure and long service life;
8. Wide adaptability, can use a variety of materials: such as ore, sand, coal, composite fertilizer, garbage classification, slag and so on;
9. Easy to install, easy to maintain and work without debugging;
10. Single, double or three-layer screen is available according to user’s requirements, and a variety of products can be obtained through one process;
11. According to user’s demand, it can be made into a full closed or half closed, to minimize dust pollution.

Application case video
Gold trommel wash plant: and
Introduction video of trommel screen:

Main technical parameters

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