Rotary Drum Scrubber

Rotary drum scrubber is a high efficiency wash machine for the alluvial ore which the raw ore contains heavy clay, it's widely used in gold mining wash plant, diamond wash plant.


Product introduction
Rotary drum scrubber or gold screw trommel is a high efficiency wash machine for gold mining wash plant or other alluvial ore wash plant which the raw ore contains heavy sticky clay, that must break up the clay let the mineral releases from the lump before to separation stage.

Rotary drum scrubber application
When the slime content of raw ore is over 40% and most of clay is sticky, the ordinary washer is difficult to effectively and fully disperse the clay, resulting in complicated washing process and increased cost. At this time, a more efficient ore washer -- rotary scrubber becomes an indispensable equipment. The rotary scrubber uses a rotating cylinder and internal scraper, water, as well as natural pebbles and rocks in the material, to disintegrate clay, lumps and soft oxides.

Rotary drum scrubber working principle
When the rotary scrubber rotates slowly, it's like a giant washing machine. Different materials of different size and water are rolled and stirred together in the cylinder at the same time, so that materials can be fully soaked, grinded and scrubbed, effectively releasing minerals from mud and clay. After dispersing, the slurry material is discharged from the overflow port at the end of the cylinder to the circular screen (or conical screen) for screening. The circular screen removes coarse size materials, the pulp after screening can be directly into a variety of mineral processing equipment, such as gold centrifugal concentrator, spiral chute, gold mining sluice box, jig machine, etc.

Rotary drum scrubber diagram
Rotary drum scrubber diagram

Depending on the user's needs, there are different transmission modes and cylinder lining types for the user to choose:
1. The transmission mode can be gear transmission or tire transmission;
2. The cylinder liner can be non-liner, rubber liner or polyurethane liner;
3. If there's no specific instructions before the purchase, we will provide gear transmission and non-liner.

Advantages and features
1. Large processing capacity, strong clay washing ability;
2. The long cylinder makes longer washing time of material, let it completely dispersed;
3. Stable and reliable running without personnel operation;
4. The cylinder is made of thickened steel plate to ensure the strength and rigidity;
5. Heavy bearing, gear and supporting roller, long service life;
6. High pressure spray water flushes the inner wall of the cylinder;
7. The maximum feed size is 230mm.

Application case video
Introduction video:

Main technical parameters

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