Disk Feeder

Disk feeder can be used to continuously and quantitatively transport granular or powdery materials from the storage bin to the next equipment.


Product introduction
Disk feeder is to provide material supply for other equipment, so that the material can be evenly transferred to the next equipment, make sure the next process can work normally. It can ensure the normal performance of subsequent equipment, and can extend their service life. It's suitable for the powder feeding of the particle size less than 20mm. The feeding amount of material can be controlled through adjusting the position of the scraper. It is divided into open type and closed type. The open type is suitable for the feeding of relatively dry and loose materials, and the closed type is suitable for the feeding of slime and moist materials, its structure is relatively complex.

Disk feeder working principle
The bulk material is loaded into the receiving cylinder from the hopper, and the material is piled on the disk by its own weight along the wall of the receiving cylinder. Through adjusting the bolt to control the gap between cylinder and disk, and control the stacking angle of the material on the disk. When the disk rotates, the material is uniformly scraped to the outside of the disk by the unloading cutter on the disk. Thus, as the disk rotates, the material is evenly and continuously scraped into the hopper of next equipment. Adjust the gap between the unloading cutter and the disk to control the feed amount of material. When working, the motor drives the disk mounted on the worm reducer to rotate through the pulley.

Disk feeder diagram
Disk feeder diagram

Advantages and features
1. Economical and efficient, compact structure;
2. Small size, light weight, small floor area;
3. Less failures, less maintenance, simple installation and maintenance;
4. Stable, safe and reliable operation;
5. The main drive is driven by internal meshing cylindrical gear, which is immersed in oil for lubrication;
6. The main reducer adopts the hardened star reducer, which is characterized by compact structure, large carrying capacity, long service life, lubrication of its own internal circulation device, no need to equip another oil tank;
7. After the gate opening degree is determined, no need to adjust frequently.

Main technical parameters

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