Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor is a very common and popular conveying equipment which can be used for horizontal or inclined transport.


Product introduction
Belt conveyor can be used for horizontal or inclined transport, it’s very convenient to use, widely used in various modern industrial enterprises, such as: underground roadway, surface transport system, open stope, quarry and mining plant. According to the requirements of conveying process, the conveying system can be either single or combined with other conveying equipment to form a horizontal or inclined conveying system, so as to meet the needs of different operation lines. It’s high conveying capacity, long conveying distance, simple structure and easy maintenance, and convenient to implement programmed control and automatic operation. The conveyor belt can be used for continuous or intermittent movement to transport the articles below 100KG or other powdery and granular articles, stable operation and low noise, and it can send the articles uphill or downhill.

Belt conveyor working principle
The equipment is mainly composed of two end rollers and a closed belt which is tightly coiled on the roller. The roller that drives the belt to rotate is called the driving roller, and the other roller that only changes the movement direction is called the driven roller. The motor drives the driving roller through the reducer, and the driving roller drives the belt by the friction between the driving roller and the belt. The driving drum is generally installed at the unloading end, which can increase the traction and avails the dragging. The material falls on the rotating belt from the feeding end, then the belt sent the material to the unloading end by rotation and friction.

Belt conveyor diagram
Belt conveyor diagram

Main technical parameters

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