Swaying Feeder

Swing feeder can be used to continuously and quantitatively transport materials that are -50mm from the storage bin to the receiving equipment.


Product introduction
Swing feeder is installed at the lower place of the storage bin or funnel, to feed the materials that are less than 50mm, dry and no agglomerate, such as ore, rock, etc. However, it is not suitable for conveying powdery materials, which is easy to cause blockage to affect the feeding efficiency, and cause powder flying to affect the cleaning of the workplace. It can be used as a sealing lock when it's not working.

Swing feeder working principle
This machine uses the principle of eccentric wheel mechanism, makes the jaw plate to do reciprocating movement, thus continuously and evenly transport the material out. The driving power is the motor drives the eccentric wheel through the turbine reducer, and then the connecting rod changes the circular motion into reciprocating motion, and drives the jaw plate to do reciprocate motion. When the jaw plate swings clockwise, the materials piled on it are driven to move together due to friction force, and a part of new materials from the storage bin to fill in the spare space formed from inside to outside. When the jaw plate moves counterclockwise, due to the obstruction of internal materials, lead to materials cannot follow the jaw plate into the interior of box, so they are pushed into the feeding opening of subsequent equipment set under it. In short, the periodic swing of the jaw plate can make continuous uniform feeding for the material.

Swing feeder diagram
Swing feeder diagram

Advantages and features
1. Simple structure and convenient maintenance;
2. Low power consumption and low use cost;
3. Easy operation, uniform feeding.

Main technical parameters

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