Wheel Drive Rotary Drum Scrubber

Trommel drum scrubber has three functions: scrubbing, cleaning and screening, it is widely used for diamond wash plant, gold wash plant, tin wash plant, etc.


Product introduction
Wheel drive rotary drum scrubber named as trommel scrubber or drum scrubber is a special washing equipment for cleaning large materials with heavy clay that difficult to wash. Wheel drive rotary drum scrubber has three functions: scrubbing, cleaning and screening. The maximum feed size can reach 200 mm. It mainly carries out preliminary cleaning for raw ore. It is widely used for diamond wash plant, gold wash plant, tin wash plant, etc.

It is a cylindrical drum supported on 4 carrying rollers or two trunnion bearings. The drum shell is made to rotate at a low speed, generally at 10-20 rpm., the drive type is tire drive or gear drive. Shell liners can be of Mn steel or rubber and discharge trommel can be supplied with wire mesh or PU panel.

Rotary drum scrubber working principle
The ore containing clay and stone is fed from the feed inlet through the feeding device, and the ore entering the rotary drum is washed by the high-pressure water, materials are constantly lifted, dropped, stirred, so that the ore and clay are completely separated. After fully cleaning, the ore is discharged through spiral discharge liners.

Wheel drive rotary drum scrubber diagram
Trommel drum scrubber diagram

Advantages and features
1. Heavy duty construction;
2. Big capacity;
3. High washing efficiency;
4. Replaceable Mu steel or rubber liners for wear and abrasion protection;
5. Modular frame option available for trommel drum scrubber mounting.

Capacities are normally determined by analysing the type of feed material, percent and type of waste material to be removed, screen analysis of the feed, and available water. Retention time in a Rotary Scrubber varies from application to application due to different types and varying amounts of wastes to be removed.

Application case video
Rotary drum scrubber gold wash plant:

Introduction video:

Main technical parameters

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