TS Linear Dewatering Screen

TS linear dewatering screens is mainly used for dewatering and desliming, sand dewatering screen adopts double vibration motor and PU sieve, high quality and long life.


Product introduction
TS linear dewatering screens is mainly used for dewatering and desliming. It can be used for washing sand in sand plant, recovering coal slime in coal separation plant, dry discharge of tailings in mineral processing plant, etc.

TS linear dewatering screens working principle
The dewatering screen adopts self-synchronizing technology of double vibration motor. It is mainly composed of screen box, supporting system and vibration motor. The screen plate is inclined upward by 5°, the back of the screen plate is 45° angle with the main board, the whole structure design is unique. Two unrelated motor vibrators make synchronous and reverse direction rotation, two sets of eccentrics produced centrifugal force along the vibration direction of the component force to superpose, and the reverse centrifugal force cancels out, creating a single vibration along the direction of the vibration, makes the screen box to do reciprocating linear motion.

TS linear dewatering screens diagram
linear dewatering screens diagram

Advantages and features
1. The screen is made of ultra-high molecular polyurethane, which is impact resistant, low temperature resistant, wear resistant, chemical corrosion resistant and so on;
2. High quality vibration motor, reliable and durable;
3. Rubber spring shock absorption, small noise, small amplitude but strong, good dewatering effect;
4. The side plate is equipped with reinforcing plate, and several seamless steel tubes are used as beams to strengthen the rigidity of screen box. Riveted assembly frame, which improves the service life of the equipment;
5. The screen hole can be adjusted according to the needs, strong applicability;
6. Make debugging before the delivery to ensure the normal operation of vibration motor and product quality.

Main technical parameters

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