Gold Smelting Furnace

Gold smelting furnace can quickly melt granular and powdery gold into gold bullion.


Gold smelting furnace working principle
The power adopts all solid-state Siemens IGBT frequency conversion module technology. After the induction heating equipment outputs strong frequency conversion current, the induction coil generates strong magnetic field. Under the action of the magnetic field, on the heated working surface forms the vortex current, which rapidly heats the workpiece.

Gold smelting furnace diagram
Gold smelting furnace diagram

Advantages and features
1. Heating: The fastest heating speed is less than one second, and the heating speed can be adjusted. 
2. Energy saving: The thermal efficiency is more than 95%, The equipment is a perfect substitute for silicon, gas, carbon, coke and electric furnace. 
3. Safety and reliability: Over-current, water shortages, over-voltage, short circuit and overheat protection, greatly improve the reliability of the equipment. 
4. Small footprint: Less than 1 square footprint, light weight, portable. 
5. Simple operation and installation, connect water and electricity can be used without commissioning. 
6. It has the function of electromagnetic stirring to make the molten material more uniform, reduce impurities, and make the molten liquid or casting brighter without shrinkage cavity and porosity. 
7. It can mainly use for metals: platinum, palladium, rhodium, gold, silver, copper, steel, aluminum, carbon, gold dust, gold sand, electrolytic mud, gold and silver powder, etc.

Main technical parameters

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