Mine Agitating Tank

Mine agitating tank is suitable for all kinds of metal ore, which can make the reagent fully mixed with the pulp or control the pulp concentration.


Product introduction
Mine agitating tank is suitable for all kinds of metal ore, mainly used for agitating before flotation, which can make the flotation reagents fully mixed with the slurry, and also can be used for agitating other non-metallic minerals. It is suitable for minerals with concentration of less than 30% (by weight) and solid particle size of less than 1mm. It uses drum shaped radial circulation spiral impeller mechanical agitation. It can be used to dilute the pulp, to achieve the concentration ratio of the next process required. It is widely used in the mineral separation process, for example: it can be used to dilute the material to reach the absorbable concentration for the slurry pump in the gravity mining plant, it can also be used for fully mixing reagents and pulp to increase the reaction time and enhance the quality of reagents reaction in the flotation plant. 

XB agitating tank is a new type of agitating tank with circulating drum, which was improved and designed in the end of 1970s. When the machine works, the motor dives the impeller to rotate by the v-belt, under the rotating action of the impeller, the slurry and the flotation reagents will have a large circulation movement, so that the slurry and the flotation reagents in the whole tank can be evenly mixed, and then the mixed suspension will discharge from the overflow port.

Mine agitating tank diagram
Mine agitating tank diagram

Main technical parameters

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