Small Hammer Crusher

Small hammer crusher or diesel hammer crusher can break the rock to -2mm directly, the crushed material can be fed into jig machine or shaker table for separation directly.


Product introduction
Small hammer crusher can crush the ore from 50mm to about 2-0.1mm, and then the raw material can be directly entered into the jig machine or shaker table for separation. It is suitable for small mining plant, and it can replace ball mill under certain conditions. According to the different driving mode can be divided into motor hammer crusher and diesel hammer crusher.

Small hammer crusher working principle
The main working part is rotor with hammer. The rotor consists of spindle, disk, pin shafts and hammers. Motor drives the rotor rotate quickly in the crushing cavity. Raw materials enter the crusher through the feeding inlet, they are impacted, cut and ground by high speed hammer. There is a grate under the rotor, so that materials which the size smaller than the grate gap will be screened out, and others are left to be further hammered until they reach the pass size. The size of the final product can be adjusted by changing the grate. Through adjust the gap of grate to change the discharging size of materials according to user's requirements.

Advantages and features
1. Low price, fast returns;
2. Compact structure and convenient installation;
3. Fine discharging size, which can replace the ball mill under certain conditions;
4. The grate design of the discharge outlet can directly screen the discharging material, and the particle size of the discharging material is uniform, a single hammer crusher can be a small sand production line independently.

Main technical parameters

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