Manganese Ore Processing Plant

This paper introduces how to separate manganese ore


The commonly used manganese ore processing methods are mechanical processing (washing, screening, gravity separation and strong magnetic separation) and special processing (fire enrichment, chemical processing, etc.).

(1) Washing and screening
Manganese ore generally contains mud, which not only affect the grade of manganese minerals, more important is the serious deterioration of the subsequent processing (Gravity and magnetic separation). Commonly used ore washing and desliming equipment are trommel screen, rotary scrubber, spiral washer, spiral classifier, hydrocyclone, etc.

(2) Gravity separation
The sorting particle size range of gravity separation equipment of is different. The feeding particle size range of the jig is 0.5-15mm, that of the spiral concentrator is 0.075-5mm, and that of the shaking table is 0.04-3mm. Before gravity separation, the ore is generally divided into different particle grades of separation, coarse ore is generally used jig, medium size ore is used spiral concentrator, fine ore is used shaking table.

(3) Strong magnetic separation
The manganese minerals have weak magnetism and can be separated from non-magnetic gangue minerals by strong magnetic separation.

Machine Introduction

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