Gold Concentrator Bowl

Gold centrifugal bowl is a simplified gold centrifugal concentrator, it is suitable for one man gold wash plant or small scale gold mining.


Product introduction
Gold centrifugal bowl is a new type of placer gold concentrator that integrates the Super Bowl produced by Canada Falcon Gold Concentrators Inc. and other related Chinese placer gold concentrator.

The fiberglass bowl created moderate friction coefficient is favorable for gold sedimentation in water. Gold centrifugal bowl is mainly used to concentrate the placer gold at size of less than 4mm, it can recover the natural gold particles at size of over 15 microns. It's simple structure, high enrichment ratio, wear resistance, long service life. It is suitable for placer gold roughing, gold recovery in grinding circuit, concentrate cleaning, and mineral separation test. It can work in single set or more sets combined. 

Gold centrifugal bowl working principle
The core of gold centrifugal bowl is the center of the fiberglass material shaped like a bowl. When the bowl at high speed can produce the equivalent of 120 times of centrifugal acceleration. The material fed into the wash bowl, heavy minerals will quickly settle to the bottom half of the bowl because centrifugal force. Add water into the bowl to accelerate mineral loose and layering, the light minerals will be washed out of the bowl due to they obtain small centrifugal force only. After the machine stop, wash out the sediment from the bowl, and then use wash pan or shaking table to obtain the gold.

Main technical parameters

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