Chrome Ore Mining Process Methods in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Madagascar

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Chrome ore refers to the ore with a certain amount of Chromium (Cr2O3). There are about 30 kinds of chrome minerals in nature, but only chromite has industrial value.

Zimbabwe has rich mineral resources, Zimbabwe is an important producer of gold, chrome, asbestos, emery and other minerals in the world, among which chrome ore reserves account for 12% of the world’s total, and some of them are the same vein as South Africa's. Zimbabwe's chrome ore is dense and massive structure, with excellent quality and high chrome content. It is the best raw material for smelting high carbon ferrochrome alloy.

The steppe plateau complex geologic structure in South Africa has the most abundant chrome mineral resources in the world, accounting for 76.1% of the world's known chrome reserves. The west ore belt is centered on RUSTENBUG, while the east ore belt is centered on STEELPOORT and BUGERSFORT.

The main method of chromite ore processing is gravity separation. In production practice, spiral chute, shaking table and jig machine are often used for separation. Sometimes, the gravity concentrate is re-separated by weak magnetic separation or strong magnetic separation to further improve the grade and Cr / Fe ratio of chrome concentrate. Flotation and other mineral processing method technology is not mature.

The commonly used chromite processing process in Africa is as follows: the chromite fine material is crushed and milled to a reasonable fineness, and the ore mixture is washed and classified by a spiral classifier with the help of the different specific gravity of solid particles and the different precipitation rate in liquid. Then, the first group of spiral chutes are used to roughing and separate the gangue and fine mud from the raw ore. The middling of first group will enter the second group of spiral chutes for scavenging, and the coarse-grained chromite and chromite mixed in the middling will be separated again to improve the recovery rate. The concentrates obtained from the first group and the second group will enter the third group of spiral chutes for cleaning and further improve the concentrate grade. The first and second groups of tailings are dewatered and backfilled or stockpiled into the tailings pond. The third group can obtain the concentrate according to the situation. If it does not reach the industrial grade, it can use spiral chute or magnetic separator to improve the grade.

In fact, whether the separation effect of an ore is qualified, its core is the nature of the ore, followed by the separation process, and then is the difference of the equipment. South Africa and Zimbabwe chrome ore using the above-mentioned spiral chute separation process, chrome concentrate grade generally can reach 43%, while that of Madagascar can reach 45%, although are chrome ores, but their ore properties are different. Before investing in a concentrator, the client must do the mineral processing test first. through the test can help us understand the nature of the ore, but also according to the test results to evaluate the investment risk and return, determine the mineral processing process and equipment model. In a word, do not blindly invest by hearsay.

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