100t/h Alluvial Gold Mining Plant in Guinea

The alluvial gold mining plant includes mobile trommel screen, vibrating sluice box, gold sluice box and gold shaker table. The whole process is simple but practical, easy to install and operate, high gold recovery.

Case Details

100t/h alluvial gold mining plant. The alluvial gold mine is located in Guinea, Africa, the raw ore contains much clay, but the viscosity of clay is not strong, it's easy to disperse in water. Most of gold in the raw ore is free, flaky or granular, micro-fine particle gold is less. Due to the mining area is broad, we have customized a unit of mobile alluvial gold mining plant according to the customer's requirements. The production line includes a mobile wash plant, two vibrating sluice boxes, two gold sluice boxes and a gold shaker table.

The raw ore fed to the hopper of trommel screen by the excavator directly, through the rotation of the trommel, the impact and friction between the clay and stone, as well as the scour of high-pressure water to fully wash and disperse the clay, Then the trommel screen will screen out gravel, pebbles and other large stones in the raw ore. Undersize -5mm pulp enters the vibrating sluice box for the first stage of recovery, most of the flake and granular gold will be collected and deposited on the vibrating sluice box, after that the pulp will enter the gold rush sluice box for the second time for recovery, the fine-grained gold will be captured by the carpet on the gold sluice box, thus improving the gold recovery rate. Finally, the heavy sand collected from the vibrating sluice box and the gold sluice box put into the gold shaker table for separation, and then the gold is directly obtained.

The whole process is simple but practical, easy to install and operate, the equipment is stable and reliable, the work efficiency is high and the gold recovery rate is high. The whole processing line is flexible and can be moved to the next mining area at any time. Our company specializes in the production of various gold processing equipment, washing equipment, screening equipment, etc., we has rich experience in mineral processing, we offer high quality products, perfect one-stop solution service, welcome customers to inquire.

alluvial gold mining plant

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