Tantalum Niobium Ore Processing Methods in Africa

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Tantalum niobium ore refers to the total name of tantalum and niobium bearing minerals, with a total of more than 100 kinds. Among them can make ore mining, mainly have tantalite, niobite and pyrochlore. The main minerals containing tantalum and niobium are tantalite and pyrochlore. Tantalum niobite containing more tantalum is called tantalite, containing more niobium is called niobite.

The general chemical formula of niobite-tantalite is AB2O6, both of which are called tantalite niobite for short. A is iron and manganese, and B is niobium and tantalum. The magnetic susceptibility of niobium-tantalite is (22.1-37.2) ×10-6. The dielectric coefficient of niobite is 10-12, and that of tantalite is 7-8. The mineral density is 5.15-8.20 (increased with the increase of tantalum content).

Tantalum and niobium ores in China are generally of low grade, with high mineral brittleness and density. In general, stage grinding and stage separation processes are adopted. In gravity separation, most gangue minerals are discarded first to obtain low-grade mixed coarse concentrate. The mineral composition of the coarse concentrate entering the cleaning operation is complex, containing a variety of useful minerals, which is difficult to separate. In general, a variety of mineral processing methods such as gravity separation, flotation, electromagnetic separation or combined mineral processing and metallurgy processes are used for cleaning, so as to achieve a variety of useful minerals Separation. The complex tantalum niobium ore processing in China should adopt crusher, rod mill, ball mill, linear vibrating screen, high frequency vibrating screen, spiral chute, shaking table, jig machine, flotation machine, magnetic separator and other equipment.

Most African tantalum niobium ore is placer, with single mineral composition and good mineral liberation degree. However, the mud content is generally high, some even in the form of heavy sticky clay. The tantalum niobium processing method in African is relatively simple, which is generally divided into two stages of roughing and cleaning. In the roughing stage, ore washing and gravity separation are used to obtain the coarse concentrate, and in the cleaning stage, strong magnetic separation is used to obtain the final concentrate. The processing equipment for African tantalum niobium ore generally only need to use washing machine, vibrating screen, jig machine, spiral chute, shaking table, magnetic separator and other equipment can meet the final requirements.

Is the African tantalum niobium ore can all use the same mineral process? Of course not, we must according to different countries different tantalum niobium crystal particle size to work out different beneficiation processes with specific. For most tantalum niobium ores with crystal size larger than 1mm, we only need to use the ore washing machine, vibrating screen and jig machine to obtain a good grade of coarse concentrate. For most tantalum niobium ore with crystal size less than 1mm, we need to use washing machine, vibrating screen, spiral chute and shaking table.

What about having both coarse and fine crystals? In fact, it is also very easy to do. First, use the spiral sand washer to wash the ore, the return sand of the spiral sand washer enters the vibrating screen, the coarse particles screened out enter the large stroke jig machine, the fine particles screened out enter the small stroke jig machine, and the concentrate obtained by the jig machine can be stored after dehydration by the dehydration sieve. All the overflow of the spiral sand washer enters the hydrocyclone for dewatering before entering the spiral chute for roughing. The coarse concentrate of the spiral chute enters the shaking table to obtain the fine particle tantalum niobium ore concentrate, and then enters the disk magnetic separator to obtain the final concentrate product.

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