Alluvial Gold Mining Methods

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Many countries in Africa are rich in gold placers,tens of thousands of miners have caused a hot gold rush. Some people have become rich overnight. Some people have invested a lot of equipment and lost their money. Except ores containing gold is too low, the reason is that the gold processing design is too complex, resulting in high production costs and over spending. In fact, alluvial gold processing is not complicated at all. Let's learn about a simple and effective alluvial gold processing that has been tested by a lot of practices.

The alluvial gold ore processing method is similar to that of alluvial tin ore. Gold in the alluvial ore is in free state, and most of it is flake or granular. Although the content of gold in alluvial is very low, the specific gravity of gold is heavy, so it is easy to separate from other impurities. In general, the large stones such as gravel and pebbles in the gold ore deposits contain very little or no gold at all, while these stones account for 20% to 80% of the proportion in the gold ore deposits. Therefore, one of alluvial gold processing processes is washing and screening. the first screening out this kind of waste rock, which has a very important role in improving the separation effect of the whole alluvial gold processing line.

The ore washing and screening of alluvial gold can adopt gold mining trommel or circular vibrating screen for the ore with less mud content. If there is more clay in alluvial gold ore, and the gold particles are easy to be wrapped by clay, in order to make most of the gold particles free from the mud, must focus on ore washing, it's need to use the ore washing machine, rotary drum scrubber is usually adopted. After the washing and screening can enter the gravity separation process. For the gravity separation of alluvial gold, the sluice box or jig machine can be used as the roughing equipment.

For alluvial gold with high gold content, jig machine is recommended to ensure the highest recovery rate. For the alluvial gold with low gold content, gold mining sluice box is recommended to ensure the maximum processing capacity. The coarse gold concentrate enriched by jig machines or sluice boxes can be extracted directly by amalgamator or shaking table.

According to the different properties of placer gold deposits and different requirements of customers, some equipment will be added or decreased. So the design of the alluvial gold processing line is not a fixed match, needs to design and manufacture according to the actual situation.

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